No. 7


DANIEL BADECKI, Definition of project supervisor in the construction process

KAROLINA BARSZCZEWSKA, ANNA KARYKOWSKA, Employees’ work within the copyright perspective

DARIA BONIEC-BŁASZCZYK, SARA DOBRZAŃSKA, Protection of personal data of a witness in the context of obligation to testify on the main trial

ADRIAN BORYS, Medical expert opinion as evidence in the medical process – selected aspects

PAWEŁ BURY, Application procedure for the access to public information – selected issues and proposed changes

SZYMON CHEBA, Constitutional conditions of judicial control of public administration in Austria, Germany and Poland

MAGDALENA CZENKO, Liability for damage caused by autonomous vehicles in the American civil law

KINGA GRZELAK, ARTUR PIETRUSZKA, Construction of the Directors and Officers insurance contract

MARTYNA MISIASZEK, MAGDALENA WRZALIK, Shape of the political system of the Swiss Confederation

AGNIESZKA PODEMSKA, Familial searching in the Polish investigation practice (opportunities and risks)

BENIAMIN ROZCZYŃSKI, Proceedings regarding the complaint against the organizer’s announcement of  the intention to conclude a direct agreement pursuant to the Public Transportation Act

JAKUB RZESZOWSKI, Financial Ombudsman – ‘new-old’ consumer protection?

DOMINIKA SKOCZYLAS, Economic analysis of constitutional law and functioning of the state authorities

PAWEŁ SŁUP, Common good in the Constitution of the Third Republic of Poland

MACIEJ WRÓBEL, Copyright protection of an idea

PIOTR WRÓBEL, Right of defence for the suspected person in Polish criminal process



KACPER STANOSZ, Commentary on the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal of  October 25, 2016, ref. SK 71/13

ARTUR TIM, Commentary to the judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court of July 23, 2014, ref. I FSK 1109/13