No. 5


MARTA BANYK, Pecuniary redress for harm. Reflections on the responsibility for the "damage or destruction" of the animal

KATARZYNA BIELECKA, KLAUDIA BRUDŁO, Lawyers secrecy in the context of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data

MONIKA BONIECKA, Objectives, principles and structure of Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union – attempt to asses after the changes in the Treaty of Lisbon

GRZEGORZ BUDZISZEWSKI, Analysis of the legal and social situation in the context of the bill on the treatment of infertility

MARCIN CZERWIŃSKI, Liability of economic operators jointly performing public contract under a consortium agreement

PATRYK GACKA, Use of nuclear weapon as genocide, a crime against humanity and war crime? An outline of the issues

DOMINIK GAJDA, A monitoring toward employees and the legal responsibility of employers

KAMIL KŁOPOCKI, Human rights and the fight against terrorism. European Court of Human Rights in the 21st century

ANNA KUBICZ, The europeanization of food law – the risks and benefits

ADRIANNA OGONOWSKA, Guilt in proceeding in cases of violation of public finance discipline and guilt in law of criminal proceedings

MICHAŁ PUK, Selected aspects of the medical experiment. Comments in the light of ratification of the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine

KAMIL SYPEK, Electronic writ proceedings in Poland, Austria and Germany

MAGDALENA WRZALIK, The institution of returning officers in the Polish electoral law

WAWRZYNIEC ŻBIKOWSKI, Self-determination of peoples in international law