No. 4


PIOTR ALEXANDROWICZ, Some Remarks on Canon Law and Evolutionary Psychology

MARTA BANYK, Legal status of the unborn in the view of its right regarding the protection of life and health, redressing damage caused before the childbirth and the protection of mother's personal interest

MONIKA BONIECKA, Petition to the European Parliament

MATEUSZ BUSZKIEWICZ, Enforcement of payments regarding the remuneration for work

DIANA RENATA BOŻEK, Criminal law obligation to redress the damage and third-party liability insurance of vehicle owners. Remarks in the view of the ruling of the Supreme Court of 13 July 2011, ref. III CZP 31/2011

BARTOSZ CHUDZIŃSKI, AGATA KOSCHEL, Entities authorized to bring an action for the annulment of a defective resolution of the general meeting of the company

ŁUKASZ DEMBSKI, ADAM SZABELSKI, The Crown of Saint Stephen as the source of sovereignty of Hungary and the foundation of Hungarian constitutionalism

NATALIA JABŁOŃSKA, Respect for patient's private and family life and the possibility of its limitation in the view of article 5 of the Act on the Patient Rights and the Ombudsman of the Patient Rights

ELIZA JACHNIK, Living will under the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being and the possibility of giving pro futuro statements in the Polish law

AGATA LANGOWSKA, Articles 191a, 200a and 200b of the Penal Code - critical analysis and proposals of amendments

MICHAŁ PUK, Powers of the legal representative to grant consent to medical intervention of a minor patient

MARCIN SEPEŁPOWSKI, Presidential bill regarding the amendment of the act on local referendum - a step to improve the institution or an attempt to silence local authorities?

MATEUSZ SOBOLEWSKI, Instruments of entitlement - their nature and meaning. Problem of provisions regarding the redemption of instruments of entitlement

ADRIANNA SZCZECHOWICZ, Spreading pornographic contents - selected aspects

ANETA TYC, Burden of proof in Dutch employment law

MACIEJ WAŚ, Protection of the tenant under the law in the case of unlawful intangible nuisance



MARTA CHORZĘPA, Commentary to the judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court of 6 December 2012, ref. II FSK 709/11

MARCIN CZERWIŃSKI, Commentary to the ruling of the Supreme Court of 24 July 2013, ref. III CZP 36/13, on the relation between the claim for a fee for non-contractual use of a thing and actio negatoria or rei vindicatio