No. 1


EWA BEYGA, Use of force in the international relations - limitation of its use

NATALIA DANECKA, International cooperation within practical use of artificial satellites of the Earth

PAWEŁ GUTKOWSKI, Rescission from the remote contract (costs and place of returning the goods)

MARIA JĘDRZEJCZAK, Judicial control of discretionary decisions

KRZYSZTOF KALEMBA, Legal, social and economic effects of Euro currency implementation

KRYSTIAN KORZENIEWSKI, Global initiatives of united religions

GRACJAN KUPCZAK, Rebellious masses vs. democratic rule

KATARZYNA LANGE, New financial architecture of the European Union

TOMASZ LEWANDOWSKI, Robots and International Humanitarian Law Contemporary Challenges

PIOTR MICHALAK, Civil law contracts and the employment relationship, some remarks on unfavorable practice of supplanting employment contracts

JAKUB MICHALSKI, Origins and emerging of freelance legal professions

JAKUB MICHALSKI, Grounds to file cassation in court-administrative proceedings

MAŁGORZATA MNICHOWSKA, Contemporary trends and changes in doctor-patient relations

KRZYSZTOF PTASZYK, In praise of political meekness by Alexis de Tocqueville and Hannah Arendt

TADEUSZ STANIEWSKI, Gambling costs in the Polish law

LUCYNA STANISZEWSKA, Liability of the State Treasury for not issuing a judgment within a restricted time period – lengthiness of judicial proceedings

KATARZYNA SZCZEPAŃSKA, Definition of a consumer in EU "consumers' directives" and the judicature of the  Court of Justice of the European Union – selected legal aspects

FILIP SZYMAŃSKI, Consumer's right to rescind the contract and the place of performance  - interpretation problems

MARTA ŚWIEJKOWSKA, Consent of a patient with mental disorders vs. saving life