No. 2


MACIEJ BALCEROWSKI, Mechanisms enabling the payment of a contribution for social insurance in Poland

DIANA RENATA BOŻEK, Abstract control of a contract template upon the initiative of the President of  the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection as protection measures for the consumer of insurance services

MAGDALENA BRODAWKA, Rule of priority of the EU law as an object of interest of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal

PAWEŁ CHROSTOWSKI, Act on acquiring real estate by foreigners - history and understanding of  "ties with the Republic of Poland" in judicature and doctrine

PAWEŁ GRZYBOWSKI, Situation of hunters in the view of the amendment of the act of May 21, 1999 on arms and ammunition - selected aspects

MARIA JĘDRZEJCZAK, Entry into force vs. the application of a normative act

ANNA KEMPA, Advertisement and the constitutional rule of dignity in the Polish and Spanish law - on the example of food advertisements

MARTA KIEBAŁA, Protection of geographical markings of wine in the view of TRIPS Agreement

PIOTR KLEBIEKO, Purpose and rationality of bearing costs concerning corporate income tax and the freedom of decision making process of the entrepreneur

MATEUSZ KLUPCZYŃSKI, Expenditure rule and financial freedom of local authorities

ARTUR KRZYSZTOF KRUSZEWSKI, Non-existent legal actions

KATARZYNA LANGE, EU fiscal union as an answer to debt crisis

MONIKA ODROWSKA-STASIAK, Interpretation of judicature in the Polish civil procedure

MONIKA PACOCHA, Application of UNDROIT rules of international commercial contracts as general rules of law and lex mercatoria. Selected judicature

MICHAŁ PUK, Practical analysis of lawsuits of service providers against the National Health Fund to finance healthcare services over contracting limits (a.k.a. overspending)

AGATA PYRZYŃSKA, Structure and role of the international institution to supervise the elections in the view of selected legal regulations

ŁUKASZ SOKOŁOWSKI, Entrepreneur as an object of transmission easement

ŁUKASZ SOKOŁOWSKI, KRZYSZTOF RÓŻAŃSKI, Consent of a patient as a justification of civil tort liability of a doctor

ANETA TYC, Burden of proof - definition and acceptability of contractual provisions