No. 6


MACIEJ BALCEROWSKI, Reasons for extra protection of the insured on the basis of the 3rd pillar of the pension system

MARTA BANYK, The issue of unconstitutionality of information disclosure claims under art. 2861 of the industrial property law – selected aspects

DIANA RENATA BOŻEK, Liability of the doctor, the medical entity and the insurer for failed transplantation

ADRIANNA BUDYSZ, Supervision over the functioning of fur farms in Poland

ALEKSANDRA DĄBEK, Economically limited health care benefits and the breach of precautionary measures by a doctor

SARA DOBRZAŃSKA, Protection of the right to privacy and the coverage of the court main hearing in the Polish criminal proceedings

KATARZYNA DOROSZEWSKA, The meaning of “the act of a lesser significance” in the Polish criminal law

PAULINA GRABARZ, Protection of human dignity in relation to a satire and a caricature as an element of the freedom of art – considerations on the basis of the Polish and German criminal law

MILENA GWARA, Legal aspects of prostitution and its psycho-social consequences

ŁUKASZ JAŚKOWIAK, JAN STRANZ, Admissibility and consequences of confirmation of an action undertaken without consent of the company body as required under the articles of association or the statute

DAWID PIASKOWSKI, Brain death as a condition of admissibility of ex mortuo transplant

ADRIAN RYCERSKI, Multiple voting shares in a public company

JUSTYNA SADOWSKA, Liability for medical damage arising from a medical event – the concept of medical event

BENIAMIN SOSNOWSKI, The origins, role and features of a preamble in the legal acts

JAKUB STANKIEWICZ, Recidivism among juvenile offenders in the light of the social learning theory

FILINA SZTANDERA, Legal protection of the viability of the embryo under the Infertility Treatment Act and the constitutional jurisprudence

KATARZYNA URBANOWICZ, Forms of the consensus agreement in the latest amendments of the Code of Criminal Procedure

DOMINIKA WRÓBLEWSKA, Ecological character of a product fee

MAGDALENA WRZALIK, Initial remarks on correspondence voting during the presidential elections in 2015 (selected aspects)

PRZEMYSŁAW ZIELIŃSKI, BOT model of public-private partnership in infrastructure investments



DAWID ZIÓŁKOWSKI, Commentary to the ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court of January 13, 2016, ref. II GZ 927/15